Mission Statement

It shall be the mission of the Knox County Sheriff's Office to serve and protect the citizens and any visitors of Knox County.

We will ensure fair and equal administration of the law, safeguarding civil liberties within the framework of the United States and Indiana constitutions.

We demand excellence in the quality of our law enforcement, stressing professionalism, honesty, integrity, and transparency without prejudice or favor.

Corrections Mission Statement

To provide a county jail that is safe and secure for staff and inmates that meet or exceeds all constitutional requirements and Indiana Jail standards which also provides opportunities for inmates to improve themselves.

Statistics of Knox County Indiana


Population Estimates July 1st 2019: 36,594

Population Estimates April 1st 2010: 38,440

Population Percent Change: -4.8%

Race and Origin

White: 94.4%

Black: 3.0%

American Indian/Alaskan Native: 0.3%

Asian: 0.9%

Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0.1%

Two or More Races: 1.4%

Hispanic or Latino 2.2%


Housing Units, July 1st 2019: 17,169

Owner Occupied Housing Unit Rate: 65%

Median Value of Housing: $88,700

Median Monthly Owner Cost: $925

Median Gross Rent: $651

Average Number of Persons Per Household: 2.35

Living In Same House 1 Year Ago: 81.8%


With a Disability Under Age 65: 14.3%

Without Health Insurance Under Age 65: 9.2%


Average Travel Time To Work: 19.2 Minutes

Income and Poverty

Median Household Income: $46,457

Average Per Capital Income: $24,581

Percent of Population In Poverty: 15.7%


Population Per Square Mile: 74.5

Miles of Roads: 5,209

County Size: 524 Square Miles

Age and Sex

Persons Under 5 Years Percent: 6.0%

Persons Under 18 Years Percent: 21.5%

Persons Between 18 and 65 Years: 54.7%

Persons over 65 Years Percent: 17.8%

Percent Female: 49.4%

Percent Male: 50.6%

Population Characteristics

Veterans: 2,543

Foreign Born Persons Percent: 1.0%

Computer/Internet Use

Household With A Computer Percent: 87.4%

Houses With Internet Subscription Percent: 76.7%


High School Graduate or Higher: 88.3%

Bachelors Degree or Higher: 16.4%


Percent of Population Working Age 16+: 62.7%

Percent of Labor Force Female: 58.7%

Percent of Labor Force Male: 41.3%

Total Accommodation and Food Service Sales: $63,452,000

Total Healthcare and Social Assistance Revenue: $327,715,000

Total Manufacturers Shipments: $463,979,000

Total Merchant Wholesaler Sales: $462,987,000

Total Retail Sales: $459,128,000

Total Retail Sales Per Capita: $12,044


Total Employer Establishments: 877

Total Employment: 14,541

Total Annual Payroll: $532,558,000

Total Employment Percentage Change: 3.3%

Minority Owned Establishments: 87

All Data Is From The Most Current U.S. Census and the Indiana Department of Transportation